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Compulsory Retirement Age in the Workplace (Matheson News Article)

(01 Apr 2016)

This is a great article by Matheson. An area that is only getting bigger in the coming years. When you have read this article consider your own situation. When are you due to retire? Is it 65? When is the state pension going to kick in for you? Maybe you retire at 65 but have to wait three years for your state pension to kick in? What will you do to bridge the gap? Maybe its time to give us a call and we can have a chat about pension options.

Anglo Pensions Blow Irish Times

(20 Mar 2016)

Interesting piece in the Irish Times on pensions in Anglo. It is interesting to read into this a little more, not because of Anglo but more around the rules associated with group pensions currently. It gives you a good understanding on the rules pertaining to members of schemes and their priority, also the changing nature of pensions in Ireland around the Defined Benefit space most topical currently.

Pensions Authority 5 Year Plan - Mason Hayes & Curran Article

(14 Mar 2016)

A very good article today in from Mason Hayes & Curran which I think is worth reading on some of the changes coming along for the pensions industry.

Financial Times - UK Pension Changes

(05 Mar 2016)

It appears that given the Brexit discussion currently ongoing that George Osborne has held off on plans to scrap pension tax relief in the UK. We tend to watch closely what the UK are doing on pensions given our close association here in Ireland. In the past, some of the UK pension ideas have come across to Irish legislation. Therefore important to have an eye on the UK.

Sunday Business Post Article

(28 Feb 2016)

Interesting article in the Sunday Business post surveyed a number of Bloomberg Economists on their stance around UK exit of Euro. Expect a lot more to come from this over the coming year is our view here in Paul Ryan

Budget 2015 - Key Facts

(13 Oct 2015)

Budget Review 2015 - Key Points

New Changes to Pension Legislation

(01 Jan 2011)

Changes to Tax-Free Lump Sum (TFLS)

New Standard Funding Thresholds (SFT)

(01 Jan 2011)

Reduction of Standard Funding Thresholds

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