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IROPS II Directive & Impact On Single Member Executive Pensions

(23 Jan 2019)

IROPS II is bad news for single member pensions and ill informed in our view.

Ireland’s ‘bizarre pensions landscape’ criticised by industry leader

(02 Jul 2018)

A good article in the Irish Times written by Tommy Neilsen in relation to proposals for simplification of pensions. It would lead to lower costs and better returns for people saving for pensions.

Finance Bill 2017 Impact On Pensions

(20 Oct 2017)

Finance Bill Impacts On Pensions. Nothing really to pick up in our view.

Rabo Direct to Bank of Ireland Account Change

(19 Jun 2017)

As you will be aware from our recent correspondance, Rabo Direct have decided to withdraw from the pension working accounts market. We have now sourced an alternative solution and are happy to confirm Bank of Ireland have agreed to accept and operate the pension working accounts. Please click on the link above to access the Terms & Conditions and Customer Handbook

Budget 2016 - Summary

(12 Oct 2016)

Here is a Budget Summary 2016 of the important points we took from it. Remember we are still paying a lot of tax so please consider calling us as pension contributions offer a great alternative to reducing your tax bills!

Can the Irish Stock Exchange Attract British Firms?

(11 Jul 2016)

Good article in the Sunday Business Post on Brexit over the weekend. Our view is that there are more negatives than positives for Ireland around Brexit and its impacts on the Irish Economy.

New Buy Out Bond Options Announced By Minister

(23 Jun 2016)

The Minister has announced today some exciting news around the use of a Buy Out Bond which was previously a little restrictive when it came to transferring benefits out of a Defined Benefit pension. We are excited by this positive development as now the Buy Out Bond is open to everybody. A Buy Out Bond allows you to segregate your benefits out of your employers pension into your own individual pot which you can control. We would be delighted to chat to anybody interested in a Buy Out Bond,

Defined Benefit Pension Woes and Pitfalls

(04 May 2016)

Pramit Ghose in Merrion recently wrote about the "actual solvency" of DB Pension Schemes. We agree with his sentiments, clients need to be very careful about their DB Scheme. They should really be familiar with its solvency issues (if any) and ask the Trustees lots of questions about where they might stand in the event that the scheme is underfunded.

Being a Landlord: Does it Pay? (Damian Wilson of Irish Tax Support)

(08 Apr 2016)

This is a good article we received today. It gives a run down on the tax implications of renting a home or room and is an excellent reference guide. The article is written for people who don't have a choice and have to rent a room or home. However if you have a choice between sitting a property into your pension we believe the best solution is to use a Self Administered Pension which we specialise in here in Paul Ryan. In our view this is far more tax efficient and makes total financial sense.

Bank of Ireland’s life and pensions boss steps down (Sunday Business Post)

(04 Apr 2016)

Just something related to the pensions and investment industry that we spotted in the weekend papers. Sean Casey the Managing Director of New Ireland appears to have stepped down from his role.

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