Portfolio Tailoring for Asset Classes

At Paul Ryan Pension & Financial Consultants we can give you advice on all types of funds. As experts in the field we can generally recommend a portfolio of investments to help you achieve an investment goal. This can be a difficult process to do on your own, why not have us undertake this service on your behalf. 

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We have outlined below a number of the questions that you may have on asset and fund allocations in a pension or investment. 

What asset classes make up my pension?

There are a range of different types of investments that would typically make up a pension. These are often referred to as "asset classes". In most pension plans your regular contributions are collectively invested in a suite of "assets" within the pension.

What are the main asset classes?

 The main asset classes are as follows:

  • Cash and deposits
  • Bonds which are also known as Fixed Income Securities
  • Equities which are also known as shares
  • Property 
  • Private Equity (Shares in companies not listed on the Stock Market)
  • Precious Metals (Gold and Silver)
  • Commodities (Copper and Oil)
  • Foreign Currencies
  • Derivatives
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