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At Paul Ryan we aim to provide sound investment advice, we have no affiliation to any particular company and we always look to form an opinion on certain products based on our in house expertise.

I have outlined below a number of questions that people often have when considering a pension or investment:

What type of funds make up my pension or investment portfolio? 

Once we have recommended a strategy and your funds are invested, its then the fund managers responsibility to select a choice of fund options that aim for diversified and balanced portfolio. Depending on your risk profile we will then target funds that try to meet your goals and objectives. 

Typically the following funds tend to be invested into as part of our medium to long term saving strategies:

  • Managed Funds: These aim to reduce the overall level of risk while working to deliver capital growth through investment in a wide variety of assets e.g. equities, property, Government bonds etc.
  • Indexed Tracking Funds: These are linked to the Stock Market performance of the top global companies, these are passive funds whose index is tracked by the investment manager on the client’s behalf.
  • Sectoral Funds: These are actively invested in a specific type of asset (e.g. company shares, property etc), they can achieve above average growth but are only suited to those prepared to take a high risk/high return option.
  • Specialist Funds: These are similar to the sectoral equity funds in terms of higher risk for higher growth, they are usually linked to specific equity holdings in specialist areas such as technology, health-care and biotechnology.
  • With Profit Funds: These are invested in a wide variety of assets, these funds provide guaranteed returns on a year-to-year basis and creates a smoothing of returns over the medium to long term with no major fluctuation in asset values.
  • Guaranteed Funds: These are offering a safety net of a capital guarantee after a specified period while also giving exposure to potential, this is an ideal option if security is a priority.
  • Socially Responsible Fund Choice: These are offering fund choices for individuals looking to invest in a Socially Responsible Fund that selects a range of stocks that will not have an adverse affect on our environment.
  • Syndicated Property: These are bespoke Syndicated Property investments suitable for both pension and personal investing. They are also insurance company products that allow an individual invest in property through the medium of a pension arrangement. 

Every person has a different goal or objective. By devising an investment strategy that suits you, hopefully we can allow you to achieve your financial objectives at retirement. Depending on the size or your investment portfolio we will recommend a suite of investment products both at home and Internationally to suit you.

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