Professional Trusteeship

If you are currently a Trustee on a company pension scheme or indeed a Trustee on your own Small Self Administered Pension, you really should be very aware of your duties!

This is a very important area of pension administration. We will take on the duty of professional trustee if you dont believe you have the time available to act as a Trustee in your own right. As Revenue approved Pensioneer Trustees we can train you so that you are fully aware of your duties. Alternatively we can act as a professional Trustee on your scheme and hence we take responsibility for ensuring that your pension scheme remains compliant and in line with legislation. 

This is a new growth area of pension administration and the reason for its emergence involves around new legislation regarding formal Trustee Training which is applied to all pension scheme Trustees since 1st February 2010. Existing Trustees must undergo training by the end of January 2012 and subsequently repeat training at least every 2 years.

We understand many individuals have busy schedules and may not be in a position to attend Trustee Training sessions. We therefore step in and act as Trustees for a small fee so that your responsibility can be passed across to our company who wil act as professional corporate Trustees. 


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