Syndicated Property Investments

At Paul Ryan PFC we recommend from time to time Syndicated Property Investments. By collectively getting together with a group of pooled investors we have the ability to enter investments that ordinarily would be out of your comfort range. Clients of Paul Ryan PFC can enter syndicated deals on a personal capacity or they can use their pension fund. As we are also Pensioneer Trustees, clients have the advantage of using their Small Self Administered Pension to invest in direct property and syndicated property investments, subject to the co-approval of the Pensioneer Trustee. This is another main advantage that we would see that typically outweighs a traditional pension arrangement.

By using your Pension to invest in be-spoke private syndicate you can in most cases avoid any exposure to Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exposure. Even rental income from direct property and any cash benefit from your investment will enjoy DIRT free status once it is retained within the comfort of your own personal Retirement Benefit Scheme bank Account.

I have outlined a number of typical questions that you may wish to know about Syndicated Property Investments:

What are the advantages of investing in Syndicated Property Investments?

You can participate in investments that are not usually feasible for most individual investors.

Can I use my pension to invest in a Syndicated Property Investment?

Yes, we can facilitate this process assuming it meets the strict approval of the Pensioneer Trustee. With pension investment you are not liable to Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax as outlined above.

Who administers the Syndicated Property Investment?

In all cases, Paul Ryan PFC investment department would recommend investments that are managed by an established independent professional property manager with expertise and a proven track record in the managing and administration of Syndicated Investments. The onus is placed on this company to provide Annual Reports and updates on the performance of the Investment. They will also conduct regular valuations and are available to answer any queries that investors may have in relation to the property. Usually a company is set up to manage the property with the the investors becoming shareholders in that company. All of this is approved by the Revenue Commissioners.



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